Members of PTA

Parent Teacher Association

In the wake of globalization, homes with working parents are a common sight. Parents tend to spend 10-12 hours outside homes and hardly get to spend quality time with their children. Most working parents are obvious to activities at school. Their involvement with the academics and co-curricular activities of their children is very limited. Many parents tend to think that their responsibility stops with the admission of their children in school and expect the rest to be followed up by the school authorities.

Parents' involvement with the child is crucial to the child's overall development. In order to give a platform to the parents to meet the teachers and talk to them about their child's concerns and make queries regarding the school and their child, the Parent Teachers Association has been formed in Duliajan.

With the PTA the parents realize what goes into the working of a school, the problems faced by it and how they can be overcome with a little co-operation and participation by parents. The Parent Teacher Association indirectly or directly helps improve the life of students not only in school but also at home. The end result would be a united effort to bring forth into society well educated and socially responsible students.

Aims of Parent Teacher Association

It is the aim of the PTA to work for the all round development of Delhi Public School at Duliajan. Its primary aim is to promote trust and co-operation between parents and teachers of the school and to protect the rights and interests of children studying in the school. The PTA also endeavours to assist other underprivileged children in the society for having education a better childhood.


The membership to the association is open to all parents whose children are bonafide students of the school and to all permanent and confirmed teachers of the school. The annual subscription to the association is Rs. 100/- per parent which is to be paid alongwith the school fee at the time of admission fee and subsequently Rs. 100/- yearly.

SN Name Designation E-mail Mobile No.
1 Tridiv Hazarika PRESIDENT 9435005667
2 Devojit Basumatary VICE-PRESIDENT 7002330813
3 Hridayananda Borah SECRETARY 8638196426
4 Wasim Saikia Jt. SECRETARY 9435735624
5 Kishore Kumar Baishya CLASS-XII 9435090893
6 Rupam Baruah CLASS -XI 9435038318
7 Gopal Krishna Ghosh CLASS - X 9435005628
8 Dip Kumar Saikia CLASS- IX 9435039567
9 Subodh Purohit CLASS- VIII 9435547804
10 Dipak Patowari CLASS- VII 9954250894
11 Biswajit Bordoloi CLASS - VI 9954072777
12 Tuhin Kanti Bhattacharjee CLASS -V 9954544702
13 Rupam Sutradhar CLASS-IV 9864272746
14 Bishnu Medhi CLASS-III 9435004703
15 Siddartha Sanjoy Gogoi CLASS-II 9954487123
16 Jayant Bormudoi CLASS-I 8486171484
17 Dr. Biraj Hazarika PREP 9435703462
18 Prarthana Sharma Nursery 8486737319

Executive Body of PTA (from school) for the Tenure 2021-2023

SN Name Designation Mob. No. e-mail ID
1 Jenifa Sobhan Vice-President 9435392816
2 Hiranya Kr. Borah Joint Secretary 9435068680
3 Kartik Sarkar Treasurer 9401502109
4 Secondary Section (IX - XII)    
i) Arindam Keot
ii) Navajyoti Sarma
Class: IX & X
Class: XI & XII
5 Darshana Das Middle classes (VI - VIII)
6 Ashrukana Phukan Preparatory Classes (III to V)
7 Shanaz Shirin Rehman Foundational Classes (NUR to II)
8 Dil Kumari Chetri Language Section (2nd & 3rd)