School Discipline Rules

    Dress and Appearance:

  • Students must come to school wearing the correct school uniform. Uniform must be neatly cleaned and ironed.
  • Personal cleanliness, hygiene and neatness is expected at all times. Hair must be neatly cut/pinned/plaited and combed. Nails must be kept clean and short. Boys must maintain their hair properly trimmed and neat. Fancy hairstyles and colored hair is not allowed.
  • Failure to comply may result in the student being sent home after two warnings recorded in the handbook.
  • Students are not permitted to wear costly or fancy watches, chains, earrings, belts etc. Primary students are not allowed to wear watches.
  • Students are not allowed to colour / spike / gel their hair, wear nail polish, tattoo or any henna design (for festivals, if henna has to be applied on the palms, written intimation/permission has to be sought)
  • Girls should maintain the skirt length till knee level.
  • Students should wear socks above ankle length.
  • Rubber band and hair band for girls should be green in colour.
  • Muffler should be in green colour.
  • Trackpants are allowed but tights are not allowed.
  • Each student must carry his/her almanac and identity card to school every day.
  • A student should affix his/her photograph and write the required information, duly signed by the parent, in the space provided for in thealmanac.
  • Students, who come to school on their own, should reach the school before the school timings.
  • Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. If they do so, the same will be confiscated.
  • Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in an orderly manner and silently. Students should not unnecessarily leave their class at the end of every period.
  • Students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions.
  • Students who are slovenly dressed or not in proper uniform will be sent home. Use of hair gel is not allowed. Wearing low waist trousers/ skirts is forbidden.
  • All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls (with shoulder length hair or longer), must tie their hair neatly with a green band.
  • Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals. Sikh boys must wear turbans in class IX and above. A patka may be worn only while playing games.
  • No books (other than textbooks or library books), magazines or paper should be brought to the school.
  • Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not allowed.
  • Students who come to school escorted should never leave before the escort arrives. In case of delay, they should report to the school office.
  • Parents and guardians may meet the teachers with prior appointment from Monday to Friday between 2:00 pm to 2:40 pm.
  • Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the permission of the Principal. They will not be called to answer phone calls during class hours.
  • Students using the school bus will maintain discipline in the bus.
  • The Shirt must be fully buttoned. Sleeves should not be folded up.

School Property:

  • Care must be taken to keep the school campus clean at all times. Litter must be disposed off in the dustbins provided.
  • Students must take care of the school property. No scratches, writings or drawings should be made on the school furniture or walls.
  • Damage done by accident must be reported to the class teacher. Students who willfully damage school property must make good the damage done.
  • Every year at the end of the session inventory of each classroom is listed and dismantled furniture would be charged from the class.


  • Students must respect and obey their teachers and School authorities, teachers, supporting staff, elderly people in campus, at all times.
  • Running, playing, loitering, and shouting in the classrooms and corridors during study hours, are forbidden. Students must not indulge in fights and physical and verbal abuse in school. Stringent action will be taken against all students instigating and/or participating in such acts.
  • Students may not go to the toilets or to drink water during class timewithout subject teacher’s permission. Such needs must be attended during the break.Also, in between 2 periods, before the teacher of the next period arrives, students (only one girl and one boy at a time) may go outcarrying the out pass with the permission of the monitor, if there is any such urgency. However, if any student has a medical problem (so that he/she has to visit the washroom more frequently), the same must be brought to the notice of the class teacher/nurse in writing, with medical certificate attached.If any student is found outside the class without the out pass will be answerable.
  • Students are not permitted to bring story books (other than school library books), magazines, picture books, video games, audio video cassettes/DVD’s/CD’s, fancy items, Walkman, or Mobile phones to the school. This rule is applicable for class, practices, Annual Day, Sports Day, Picnic etc. Any such property found in the possession of the student will be confiscated by the school.
  • All school appointees must be given due respect and the appointees too should not use unnecessary power or force on other students.
  • Students must record and follow the specific instructions given by their teachers.
  • It is strictly prohibited to chew “chewing gums” in the school campus.


  • Discipline is enforced in the school through remarks, warning/suggestion, Letters and Correction Card entry. All remarks must be signed immediately by the parent. After 3 similar remarks from school, the parents are liable to be summoned by the teachers in charge/Principal. Further action as required may include a Correction Card entry.
  • Individual senior student will not go to junior classrooms/wing and individual junior students will not go to senior classrooms/wing. House appointees may go if required to collect the names of the student.
  • Correction Card entries are made on the following grounds: Grave Indiscipline, damage to school property, acts of violence against fellow students, using abusive or obscene language and physically and verbally bullying others.
  • It is imperative for all students to be punctual. Late comers will be sent back home. Only in case of the buses being late, students will be allowed to attend the classes


  • It is compulsory for all students to complete at least 75% attendance to be eligible for promotion to the next class.
  • Repeated absence without leaveor unexplained absence for more than ten consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Readmission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee, provided the vacancy still exists.
  • A child returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a fitness certificate from a doctor.
  • Students suffering from any one of the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class:
    • Chicken Pox - Till complete falling of scabs
    • Cholera - Till the child is completely well.
    • Measles - Two weeks after the rashes disappear.
    • Mumps - Until the swelling has gone.
    • Whooping Cough - Six weeks
    • Jaundice - Six Weeks
  • Uninformed absence for more than 10 days will lead to re-admission.
  • Leave – 1 day, 2 days or up to 3 days leave will beat the discretion of class teacher. If leave is for more than 3 days, it should be brought to the Principal’s notice.
  • Leave application should be submitted only on the given format.
  • It is the duty of the parents to sign the Correction Cards.
  • While walking on the school campus (corridors, from auditorium, playground, bus stand, lab etc) students should walk quietly in a line and not make any kind of noise or talk to one another.
  • Only two students (one boy one girl) carrying the out pass will be allowed to go out of the class at a time.If any student is found outside the classroom without the out pass, he/she will be answerable.
  • Every student should bring his/her school Almanac regularly to the school.

Corrective Measures:

  • If a student fails to obey school rules in spite of corrective measures taken by class teachers/subject teachers, then discipline committee members will take the matter in their hands.
  • If a student is found to be a defaulter, he/she will be warned by the class teacher once. If he/she repeats the same offence or found to be a defaulter committing any other offence,
  • he/she will be warned for the second time, and then again for the third time, if any offence is committed further. After the third warning, if again the child is found committing any offence, the parents will be informed, with an expectation that the parents will guide the child at home and try to bring him/her to the right path. Even after that if the child is found to be a defaulter, Correction Cards will be issued. If three such cards are issued consecutively for a particular child, he/she will be asked to leave the school at the end of the session where he/she was given the third correction card.

English Speaking:

  • Students should speak only in Englishif they are in school. However, they can speak vernacular languages in their 2nd/3rd language classes.
  • This year onwards school has announced certain awards for outgoing students of class 12, for which students can accumulate points from their lower classes itself.

Best discipline award for student:

  • From each class/each section, one best disciplined student will be selected every quarter and they will be awarded in the assembly. For every such selection, student would get 5 points, which will be accumulated till he/she reaches Class XII.


Best disciplined class:

  • Category I (Classes I to V)
  • Category II (Classes VI to VIII)
  • Category III (Classes IX to XII)
  • The winning classes will be awarded with a running trophy in their category.
  • Any class which wins 3 times consecutively in each category will win a short trip to a nearby destination.

Criteria for best disciplined class:

  • Discipline of the students in school (classroom, corridors, labs, playground and auditorium)
  • Cleanliness of the classroom.
  • Movements of students in the school.
  • Proper utilization of out pass.

Penalty for worst disciplined classes:

  • No HPE periods for two weeks.
  • Students of those classes will be debarred from taking part in extracurricular activities for two weeks.

The above document will be revised periodically according to the need of the time.